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uality analysis of castings

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The basic task of casting production is to provide good quality castings. The standard of casting quality is based on the requirements of the working process of the parts. It is usually reflected in the form of drawings and technical conditions. Therefore, it is also possible to say that the castings in accordance with the requirements of the drawings and technical conditions are qualified.

At present, it is in the production of molten mould casting. There is no national standard, only some parts standard and factory setting standard. There are general technical conditions for a kind of castings, and special technical conditions specially designed for one or several castings.

It is often possible that a castings with a certain defect can be considered to be qualified in a certain case. In the other case, it is considered unqualified. Or the castings are considered to be unqualified, but the defects can be trimmed. The castings that have been trimmed may be qualified. The standard is too high, it will have some difficulties in production, and the rate of waste is increased, which causes unnecessary waste. If the standard is too low, the castings cannot meet the requirements of operation well, or the safety factor is too large, and the performance and technical indicators of the whole machine are lagging behind, which will cause undue losses. Therefore, in the formulation of technical conditions, the appropriate and reasonable technical requirements for the castings should be put forward in accordance with the specific conditions.

In general, the quality requirements of the castings include three aspects, such as the surface quality of the castings, the precision of the castings and the internal quality of the castings.

In order to determine whether the quality of the castings is in conformity with the requirements, the necessary inspection means should be adopted.

Because investment casting process is complex and processes are various, there are many factors that affect the quality of casting. Therefore, we must strictly control the operation of raw materials and production processes. The quality of the castings can be guaranteed and the production is stable.