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Error prevention in the manufacturing process of sand, rat tail and depression

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All measures to prevent the stratification of the shell and strengthen the interlayer binding force are beneficial to eliminate the defects in the tail and depression of the mold casting. Such as surface coating viscosity can not be too small, the surface layer sand can not be too small. The surface layer and reinforced Chengsa sand poor not too poor. The powder and water content of sand in sand should be small, and the sand should be removed before sanding or before and after coating. The viscosity of the reinforced coating should not be too large. For the water glass shell hardening to fully hardened, drying time should be appropriate, special attention should be paid to clean up the wax coating and the inner corners of the sand.

The temperature of the dewaxing medium is improved and the time of dewaxing is shortened.

When the shell is over wet, it is not easy to be baked in the furnace at high temperature.

Try to avoid large plane structure of castings, avoid casting flat or upward casting. If necessary, process bars and process holes should be provided to prevent such defects.