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The improvement of the quality of the castings is the top priority for the development of the foundry industry

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Our company is a high-tech company specializing in the production of precision casting, locomotive parts, auto parts, high pressure valve and other products. It has advanced V casting production line, lost foam casting line and sand mold casting process, using intermediate frequency melting and spectral analysis. Advanced production equipment and testing means ensure the accuracy and reliability of chemical composition and casting performance. The enterprise mainly produces ultra high chromium wear-resistant castings, bimetal composite casting, alloy wear-resistant steel castings and other products, annual output of nearly million tons, products widely used in industry, cement, sand, coal mine machinery factory and other industries, the economic and technical indicators of products have reached or exceeded the imported products, widely praised by customers the.

With the rapid development of the national economy, the foundry industry, as a basic equipment, has also developed rapidly, and the output of all kinds of wear-resistant castings is increasing. At present, the accelerating process of global economic globalization has provided an opportunity for the development of China's foundry industry, and the demand for castings is growing continuously. However, at present, there are still many problems in China's castings. The comprehensive quality of the castings is poor, the labor conditions are bad, the production efficiency of the manufacturers is low, and the foundry technology and economic benefits are not effectively improved. All these problems are seriously restricting the development of foundry industry.

Therefore, speeding up the technological improvement of foundry industry and striving to improve the internal quality and external quality of castings is the top priority for the foundry industry and the Evergreen Foundation for foundry industry development. Foundry Company to join our casting factory together for the foundry industry in China Gongyi City Dongao hard metal casting, casting the future industry in China will develop better and better.