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How to obtain high quality cast iron

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(1) the whole process of casting production is analyzed. The core part is to smelt qualified molten iron and form it into qualified mold, and the qualified mold is mainly to ensure the shape and dimension accuracy of the casting. The inherent quality of the qualified iron water is to ensure the performance of the castings, to ensure the service life and the reliability of the use. Therefore, the melting quality of molten iron is the key link in the process of casting production.

(two) the foundry industry is a cross metallurgy and mechanical industry, which involves a very wide range of specialties. There are many factors affecting it, and the control of the production process is very difficult. In addition to stable production quality, strict control of raw materials, automation of the production process, to maximize the elimination of interference of human factors, ensure the quality and stability of process equipment for the system is at present in our country to improve the production quality, improve production efficiency and reduce the cost of effective measures.

(three) with the development and progress of the society and the improvement of people's environmental awareness, the requirements for environmental protection are becoming more and more high, and the corresponding environmental protection measures should be required. In order to meet the requirements of the corresponding environmental protection.

(four) in the process of production, how to make full use of energy and save energy. It is also one of our important tasks at present.

Two. Analysis of control technical parameters for internal quality of castings

Foundry production is an old and emerging industry, and it is also an important basic part of the machinery industry. It determines the service life and reliability of the mechanical equipment. The accumulation of scientific research through the production practice for thousands of years, from the macro to microcosmic understanding theory, has achieved great development and continuous casting production process, reveal the complete technical parameters of stability control, it can ensure the performance of castings, so as to ensure the reliability of mechanical equipment, the use of life.

To produce high quality castings, first of all need to study the factors influencing performance of cast iron, which is how to improve the purity of molten iron smelting to obtain the graphite morphology good; chemical composition fluctuation range control technology, research on control parameters to solve the above problems; and research by melting method to achieve the purpose of what.

Control of pure purity of molten iron:

Oxide inclusions produced by oxidation and burning of 1. elements;

2. melting gas produced by melting oxygen;

The control of 3. sulfur content prevents the formation of sulfur eutectic.

The control of 4. phosphorus content prevents the production of phosphorous eutectic.

5. limit the content of trace elements below the amount of interference.

Molten iron smelting process control:

1. control of oxidation of iron water;

2. eliminate the heredity of graphite and obtain good graphite morphology.

3. control the fluctuation range of chemical components to obtain accurate chemical composition;

4. the control of the melting temperature of molten iron;

5. the selection of the best melting method and the corresponding equipment system.