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China's casting industry is favored

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In recent years, there is a broad and increasing demand at home and abroad. At present, the casting industry in China, especially the stainless steel metal castings, has been favored. The three main reasons for industry experts are as follows.

First, with the continuous improvement of China's economic status and the continuous development of China's casting industry, more and more hardware casting products are exported to other countries. The increase of overseas demand has directly stimulated the increase of product output of China's casting manufacturers.

Second, high quality wins the world, the improvement of the quality of domestic hardware casting products is also an important reason for the increase of its demand. At present, China's metal casting industry is booming, only to the development of science and technology, independent research and development of science and technology and the right to use the technology to occupy the high-end market, in order to provide a solid foundation for the development of casting industry, which is also the key to the development of the casting industry.

Third, the Chinese government has issued a series of policies to support the development of domestic die-casting industry, such as government on Casting for new projects in the administrative examination and approval, to simplify procedures, reduce the links, the smooth implementation of the service; to meet the industrial policy development of casting enterprises, especially made significant achievements in circulation economic, safety, environmental protection and clean production and energy saving, the government to give tax benefits on the tax system, reduce the burden on enterprises, and promote the development of enterprise.

In addition, the government regulates the financial institutions in the area, and encourages and supports local die-casting, financing and loans of the foundry enterprises. With the support of these policies, China's die casting industry is bound to achieve a stable and long-term development in a rapidly changing market environment.