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The innovation of economic growth in China's castings

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At present, North America, Western Europe and Asia are the three main markets of fastener castings in the world, and also the main market of fastener castings in China. Their annual demand is over 10 billion US dollars. With the rapid development of air transport equipment, aerospace fasteners will be better developed on the basis of 2007-2012 years' growth.

Industrial fasteners casting OEM market growth will exceed the MRO market, but the fastener in the MRO market sales will be based on the 2007-2012 years of growth, this is mainly due to the growth of fixed investment, and with the expansion of production, applied to the casting fastening equipment will increase. In addition, the production of metal processing products will also rise. The return trend of many industries is also one of the factors that support the demand growth of fastener castings. By 2017, the demand for standard fastening castings will be expected to exceed the needs of aerospace products. Among them, the standard fastening castings of the external thread will have the largest market share and will gain the fastest growth.

In the period of transformation and upgrading, innovation is the key, especially in the foundry industry, we should develop and master the core technology and improve the competitive advantage. In recent years, this kind of enterprise has accelerated the pace of technological innovation, and has formed a batch of enterprises with different characteristics. Among them, the high-strength special fastener castings account for 15%, heat treatment products account for 60%, and other products account for 40%..

With the continuous development of China's foundry industry, fastening castings have become one of the most import and export products in China, which has not only been realized in China.