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Process flow of precision casting

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Detailed process of precision casting

Wax (shot wax wax) - wax - wax - repair inspection group tree (LA module tree) - shell (first dip slurry, pouring sand, then dip pulp, finally dried shell mould) - dewaxing (steam dewaxing) - mold shell roasting - Analysis - Casting (cast in shell mould steel) - - casting and casting rod shell vibration cutting grinding - initial inspection gate - (Mao Peijian) - - - - - - - blast cleaning machine, polishing products inspection, warehousing

In general, the casting process can be divided into wax, shell, pouring, post treatment and inspection.

Paraffin includes (wax, wax, tree)

Wax pressing -- making wax mould by using a waxing machine

Wax repair - modification of wax mold

Group tree - group tree with wax mold

The shell consists of (sand hanging, slurry, air drying)

Post treatment includes (correction, shot blasting, sandblasting, pickling,)

Pouring includes (calcination, chemical analysis, also called spectrum, pouring, shock shell, gate, grinding gate)

Post treatment includes (sandblasting, shot blasting, correction, pickling)

Inspection includes (wax, initial, middle, finished products)