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uality analysis of castings [2017-11-07]
The basic task of casting production is to provide good quality castings. The standard of casting quality is based on the requirements of the working process of the parts.
Analysis of common defects in castings -- Sands [2017-11-07]
A layer of shell material is firmly attached to the surface of the casting. It is called slime, and slime is one of the common surface defects of the mold casting.
Formation of sand, rat tail and depression [2017-11-07]
The casting surface is locally Alice tongue scar metal block. A sheet shaped shell sandwiched between a metal scar and a casting is called a sand defect. The surface of the casting is striped trench, the edge of which is the slippery tail of the rat.
Error prevention in the manufacturing process of sand, rat tail and depression [2017-11-03]
All measures to prevent the stratification of the shell and strengthen the interlayer binding force are beneficial to eliminate the defects in the tail and depression of the mold casting. Such as surface coating viscosity can not be too small, the surface layer sand can not be too small.