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Analysis of market competitiveness of Chinese foundry industry [2017-11-07]
Green casting is a slow process, and everyone needs to have a process to understand and accept. From the point of view of our contact, the popularity is far from enough. Green Foundry is an opportunity to improve the development of foundry industry. It is the embodiment of social sustainable development in manufacturing industry, and will also greatly enhance corporate social responsibility.
China's casting industry is favored [2017-11-07]
In recent years, there is a broad and increasing demand at home and abroad. At present, the casting industry in China, especially the stainless steel metal castings, has been favored. The three main reasons for industry experts are as follows.
Green casting is the direction of the development of China's foundry industry [2017-11-07]
In recent years, "green casting" has been popular in the industry, for the sake of future generations, we should green mountains and rivers. Now, how is the popularity of "green" in domestic foundry factories, and what is the most important meaning of the construction of green foundry factories for the industry, the country and the human beings. This is the focus of our foundry people.
The innovation of economic growth in China's castings [2017-11-07]
At present, North America, Western Europe and Asia are the three main markets of fastener castings in the world, and also the main market of fastener castings in China. Their annual demand is over 10 billion US dollars. With the rapid development of air transport equipment, aerospace fasteners will be better developed on the basis of 2007-2012 years' growth.
The foundry mold industry in China still has more space to improve [2017-11-07]

Various phenomena indicate that the policy under the guidance of the development of China foundry industry big under the direction of China's small and medium-sized private enterprises such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like casting mould to grow up strong and healthy, the small and medium-sized enterprise contribution to society has become increasingly prominent, coupled with China's foundry enterprises own continuous innovation and improvement, casting industry usher in a larger development prospect in china.

Process flow of precision casting [2017-10-24]
The technological process of precision casting: mold design -- grinding machine manufacture -- wax compression -- wax repair -- group tree -- shell making (DIP) -- dewaxing -- shell baking -- chemical analysis -- Casting -- cleaning -- heat treatment -- -- machining -- finished product warehousing.