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The wall thickness of the die-casting parts is very important to the quality of the castings [2017-11-07]
Specializing in die casting design knows casting wall thickness has a great effect on the quality of casting, casting wall is too thick, too thin wall are not good, it should be reasonable to design the wall thickness in the design of die casting, pressure casting to ensure quality is not affected from the wall thickness.
The brand of the foundry product is the perfect combination of quality and popularity [2017-11-07]
Brand strategy is a regular card played by the world business community. The importance of brand to the development of an enterprise is self-evident, but many casting brands are only brand.
The history of the development of China's foundry industry [2017-11-07]
The brilliant brilliance of the foundry industry has been invented in China's history. The exquisite beauty of the bronze of the Shang and Zhou dynasties in the three generation of Xia Dynasty is now amazing to the general people. However, in modern times, the gap between China's foundry industry and the world's advanced standards is also worrying. The year October 8th to twelve when speaking,
The improvement of the quality of the castings is the top priority for the development of the foundry industry [2017-11-07]
Our company is a high-tech company specializing in the production of precision casting, locomotive parts, auto parts, high pressure valve and other products. It has advanced V casting production line, lost foam casting line and sand mold casting process, using intermediate frequency melting and spectral analysis.
How to obtain high quality cast iron [2017-11-07]
the whole process of casting production is analyzed. The core part is to smelt qualified molten iron and form it into qualified mold, and the qualified mold is mainly to ensure the shape and dimension accuracy of the casting.
How to improve the entry threshold of the foundry industry [2017-11-07]
The newly released "foundry industry access conditions", the construction conditions and layout, production technology, production equipment, enterprise scale (capacity / output), the ten aspects of product quality, energy consumption, environmental protection, occupation health and safety and labor protection, the quality of personnel, supervision and management of the foundry industry access conditions were clear the provisions of.
Analysis of market competitiveness of Chinese foundry industry [2017-11-07]
Green casting is a slow process, and everyone needs to have a process to understand and accept. From the point of view of our contact, the popularity is far from enough. Green Foundry is an opportunity to improve the development of foundry industry. It is the embodiment of social sustainable development in manufacturing industry, and will also greatly enhance corporate social responsibility.
China's casting industry is favored [2017-11-07]
In recent years, there is a broad and increasing demand at home and abroad. At present, the casting industry in China, especially the stainless steel metal castings, has been favored. The three main reasons for industry experts are as follows.
Green casting is the direction of the development of China's foundry industry [2017-11-07]
In recent years, "green casting" has been popular in the industry, for the sake of future generations, we should green mountains and rivers. Now, how is the popularity of "green" in domestic foundry factories, and what is the most important meaning of the construction of green foundry factories for the industry, the country and the human beings. This is the focus of our foundry people.
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